variabletrigger replied to your post:ghostein replied to your post:i finally downloaded…

add me!!!

what’s your handle

ghostein replied to your post:i finally downloaded steam

buy Don’t Starve. i love it i think u might like it a lot!!!

i’ll check it out

i finally downloaded steam

i need to stop putting song lyrics on my art these notifications are getting out of hand

I’m feelin kinda metal today

I’m feelin kinda metal today

there’s a reason the only black metal i really listen to is 3rd wave american black metal and dsbm

there’s significantly less racial-purist, pseudo-ubermensch, neo-nazi bullshit

ghostein replied to your post:Okay, how about instead of scarlett johansson…

lol but josh why would u have an asian actress playing an ASIAN character……. MAKES NO SENSE IF U ASK ME……. (wtf MONTANA KRISTOFFERSON… thats almost as bad as the Tokyo Mew Mew english name casting…… god)

And I’m not going to be able to go into the movie unbiased anyway because ghost in the shell is my all time favorite franchise of anything EVER.

I have nothing against johansson, i’m more irritated with the studio. Like, why do you have to change the name and nationality of the major, when there are plenty of good japanese and japanese-american actresses out there? maybe it’s not important, but it still seems unnecessary.

Okay, how about instead of scarlett johansson playing motoko kusanagi (and changing her name to montana kristofferson???) in the live-action ghost in the shell movie, why not have rinko kikuchi as the lead?