Rompilation by Andrew Jackson Jihad is a really important album

literally everything humans assign value to is a social construct

is it still on her website

it looks like it’s still on her own youtube channel. 

Vevo most likely took it down because of all the negative attention, or it was flagged and DMCA’d a bunch

the avril lavigne vevo took down the hello kitty video

The Adicts - Viva La Revolution
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"Viva La Revolution" - The Adicts

a little late on the weeaboo phase there, Avril

no soul no soul

no soul no soul

Those Poor Bastards - Crooked Man
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I am a crooked man bent down by sin 

Flood water’s rising fast; (oh lord!) 

Dead bodies floatin’ past; (oh fie!) 

Tornadoes swoopin’ down; (right down!) 

Out of Satan’s jeweled crown. (oh lord!) 

I had a date tonight, (yessir!) 

With a gal from out of state. (oh lord!) 

Her daddy was a police man; (that’s right!) 

Had himself a police badge. (oh boy!) 

He said I’m DOOMed to fail; (why’s that?!) 

Said his daughter’s better off in jail!

I am a crooked man bent down by sin. 

My uncle was a Christian man, (oh lord!) 

But the Lord didn’t give a damn. (no voice!) 

He lived sick and homeless. (so poor!) 

When he died, I didn’t even notice. (no sir!) 

Me, I only got one belief: (what’s that?!) 

Everything’s worse than it seems. (oh lord!) 

I’m a DOOMsday preacher, boy! (you are?!) 

Get your bucket, it’s time to cry! 

I am a crooked man bent down by sin. 

To other folks, I cannot relate. 

I could try, but I ain’t. 

People just want fancy cars; 

Fancy house, expensive clothes. 

FUCK THAT SHIT, it’s fuckin’ wrong! (yeah boy!) 

All I want is to live real long. (how long?!) 

I wanna watch my body decay; (oh lord!) 

My health suffer, and my hair turn grey (yeah boy!) 

Then the Devil can take me away, yeah; 

Satan, you can have your way! 

I am a crooked man bent down by sin.



animaniacs was ahead of its time

I have to remind myself and the angry fandom side of tumblr about this periodically or this damn website might implode